• Get the best of both worlds

    We bring gourmet & home food to your doorstep through our android app and website. Our gourmet meals are prepared by experienced Chefs in FSSAI licensed kitchens. Our home food, though prepared in our HomeChef's kitchen carries an authentic taste and a commitment to quality. All our food is prepared under strict quality control with the right balance of taste and nutrition.

  • Healthy, safe and mouth-watering food

    Most of all, we redefine 'Takeaway food'. We at RedCooker strongly believe that a Healthy Mind resides in a Healthy Body. Our ingredients are farm fresh and our RedKitchens adhere to strict quality control to bring you an offering that is healthy and flavourful.

  • Know what you eat!

    We believe that taste and nutrition go hand in hand. That's why we display nutritional information about each of our offerings so that you know what you are eating.

  • We believe in love at first bite.

    Pressed for time? Don't worry. Relax and let our chefs take you on culinary romance between ingredients and flavours. Allow us to tell you a story that your taste buds are sure to enjoy for a very long time.